Wednesday, April 29, 2009


rich went on a 3 day bike ride.
100 miles the first day 
57 miles day 2
20 something for the 3rd day
the kids and i met him the night of day 2
rich was tired but feeling 10 times strong
i thought he looked very hot
we drove 1 hour to meet him in the park
we paid 20 dollars to get into yosemite
there were 100 million people everywhere
rich finished and drank 3 more gatorades
we drove 40 miles to rent a house
we stayed 2 nights with rich's 3 brothers and their families
4 boys and 2 little girls played hard the whole weekend
my 2 sil's are pregnant-- they complained 0 times
we went on 1 hike, 2 buses and played in the SNOW and the WATER
we drove home on Sunday with 2 happy kids, 1 tired dad and a very content me.


jody said...

Sounds like a great weekend and you the biking man in your tight shorts;)

brittany said...

sounds like the perfect weekend!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

So much fun!

{natalie} said...

that sounds like a great weekend, i would like to visit that park. and i think renting the house sounds great, was it all you thought it would be?

*ethan* said...

what that is the only picture from that entire race?

Kristin said...

3 brothers? Am I missing something?

And GO RICH!!!