Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend. AND I did not take 1 picture. Lame. I know.

On Friday Crewe went to school and then home with a friend. So Baby Dayne and I had a very long morning of errands and hanging time. I pinched my back in morning and spent much of day in pain. I medicated myself the best I could and still be safe to have kids with me. Friday night we had a few friends over for a small birthday dinner for Rich. I made an enchilada casserole, that turned out very good. Who knew? We played game until 1am. I love nights like this. 

Saturday morning at 8:00AM our Ward had an Easter Egg Hunt. This was the first year that we have made it. Now, we are morning people but we are not usually dressed, at a park and eating candy by 8:15am.

Rich was on his last Saturday bike ride before he leaves this week for the big trip. He is riding to Yosemite and leaves this week on Wed.

Saturday night we headed down to Palo Alto. BYU was playing Stanford in men's volleyball. We went with  Steve and Kelli, Dave and Crissie and John.  We ate dinner at a great taco place, hit the game (we lost) and then found a funky desert shop. Not very often do we get to spend time with the family without kids. It was really enjoyable and we both had a great time. 

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny made a trip to our house. She left a trail on M&M's as she hopped out of our house. Rich got dayne a cup to pick up the candy. She replied, "NOT IN THE CUP. PUT M and  M'S IN MY MOUTH!" We went to Brunch at Kayleen and Trevors house. It was great food. Kayleen's mom and dad were in town and I loved getting to catch up with them.

Church. Both of my kids kept trying to fall asleep. Finally I left and took Dayne home. As soon as I left Crewe fell asleep.

The Family all came over for a great dinner (what diet?). The kids hunted eggs. The adults hunted eggs.

At 9pm I fell asleep on the couch watching tv.

It was a good weekend.


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Easter! Hope your back is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

shame on the no photos. So many opportunities.

{natalie} said...

I love weekends like that, busy and fun. If the enchiladas were good then please send the recipe over. Good luck Rich on the bike ride, we are excited for you!

KAP said...

I've got pics of both Saturday and Sunday, but they are in Livermore. When I get the camera, I will upload and share.

jody said...

Happy Easter Egg!
sounds like a fun weekend but we do love pictures.
good luck to dP

brittany said...

sounds like the perfect weekend! Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to Rich.