Friday, February 25, 2011

The Birthday Came

 I turned 34 last week.  Here are 34 things about me and my Birthday.

1. Maybe I should get to brush my teeth before the first photo of the day. 2. We opened gifts the minute I was awake. 3. Rich had to be work at 8:30 so he ran to get bagels for breakfast and I finished opening my gifts without him. 4. I love Bagels. 5. I got an egg/ bagel sandwich. LOVE it.  Even though it's made with turkey bacon.
 6. I got great gifts. 7. I bought the book myself and then Rich  wrapped it up from Dayne. 8. She said, "Do you love the book I picked out for you?" 9. I also picked out the t-shirts. 10. And the magazine. But Rich knew I wanted those things we just ran out of time. (getting back from our trip and a Monday Birthday. 11. Birthdays on Monday, kind of blow. 12. Dayne and I went to Chinese food for lunch. 13. I was sad that no one called and wanted to go to lunch. 14. I guess that what I get for always planning my own day. I'm kind of annoying like that. 15. My parents got me a great book, a Paris Notebook and French labels. My friend, Delaine also got me a Paris notebook.  And lots of other things. She rocks! 16. Three of my friends got me nail polish!
 17. My friend Trish and her husband made this cake for me. I LOVED it. 18. I had already picked up a Nothing Bundt Cake for the day. 19. Cake. Yum.  20. I love getting phone calls. I got in the shower and when I got out I had missed 3 calls and had 3 texts. I LOVE that. 21. My brother, Ethan, picked out a million Peanut Nut Rolls for me for my birthday. 22. Nat sent the heavy box and included a gift card. 23. Did I mention all the gift cards I got? The Amazon ones are burning a hole in my pockets.
 24. My day was very calm and sweet. 25. But I was happy when my family got home. Even though we still had life to carry on. 26. We went to my favorite Mexican place for dinner. 27. I planned on splurging and getting the shrimp, I forgot. 28.Kids eat free on Mondays so it felt like a birthday treat for me. 29. My kids said, Happy Birthday Mom!, a million times that day. Awesome.
 30.  I always try to say"It's my Birthday" to anyone I meet during the day. 31. I told the cake people when I picked up the cake and the people next to us at lunch. 32. I love my family and friends. 33. I got another book from Angie. Oh to be a book nerd.
34. I had no problem eating this Lemon Raspberry cake for my Birthday. It was delightful! As we were getting ready to cut the cake, a friend showed up with another Bundt Cake. That's right. Three cakes.

Thanks Everyone!


brittany said...

i'm so glad your birthday was great. i had a birthday once where i got a bunch of cakes and i loved it! your scarf is so cute in your picture. you always look so cute and put together. want to come to denver and be my personal shopper?

jody said...

I think it was a great birthday day. Love the picture of all the bed heads in picture number 1. The rest of the pictures are really cute. Love you tons.

{natalie} said...

Boo to no one calling for lunch! I would have gone with you. It sounds like a great day anyway, three cakes! I love NBC red velvet the best!!

stalker sarah said...

Okay so I LOVE that you do that for your birthday posts! I might "borrow" that idea! Love the 34 things about you! And YAY for THREE cakes!!! Glad you had a happy birthday! Love you! :) Oh and I so would have texted if I had your cell number! I LOVE texting! :)

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