Sunday, February 06, 2011

Birthday Countdown

Favorite 6 and 7

I am counting this as two favorites. Thai Food and College Friends. 

I love Thai Food. I love curries. Basil Chicken. Pepper Chicken. One of my favorite places is in downtown Oakland. One time we took Crewe with us when he was a little little. He pushed the rice bowl off the table. It broke. The owner came over and said, "that was my favorite bowl." I thought he was a moron for giving it to a one year old.

I have great friends from College Days. I've worked at keeping my relationships with them.  I still like to send birthday cards, texts and emails. Although I don't get to live by any of them, I LOVE when I do get to see them. This picture is of my best friends, Landon and his AMAZING wife, Marie. Can I just say, Coolest-People-On-the-Earth? They both are super smart, good looking, thoughtful and kind. 

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{natalie} said...

I thought I was your coolest person on earth, thanks a lot.

Thanks for teaching me about thai food. Yumm