Friday, February 11, 2011

I know, More Birthday Countdown

Rich and I were extremely lucky to go the de Young Museum here in San Francisco. They were showing a traveling exhibit from the de Orsay Museum in Paris. Also an amazing place that I have been. 

I fell in LOVE with this Cezanne painting. Paul Cezanne was not that famous and struggled what to do with his art. The man in this picture was an art critic. He wrote a flattering piece about Cezanne in the paper, and started the mans career. To pay him back he started this painting of the critic. He died before he could finish this piece.

I love it!

 A painting with books. By one of my favorite artists. I loved it as soon as I saw it at the de Young. Of course they weren't selling a copy of it. Rich came home, found it on the Internet and ordered it for me. So here is my new favorite painting......


jody said...

You my little art lover. Glad you enjoyed the museum

{natalie} said...

How cool that Rich found you one. I am loving your favorites list....keep going