Saturday, February 12, 2011

birthday Countdown

Number 12 Favorite Shoes

I love Vans.

I currently own an orange pair. A purple pair. Green. Pink/black plaid.  I also have a black w/white polk-a-dots that are van like. Plus my kids have a black/pink pair, a black pair, a blue checked and blue tie ons.

Everyone should  own Vans.

PS When I googled "Vans images" - The mini Van kept coming up. Not on the favorite list. So I added a shot of my shoes.


{natalie} said...

i don't want everyone to own vans. but i do like them a lot. i like all the bright colors. ethan wants me to throw away my orange ones but i refuse until i can find another pair the same shade.

chickadee3357 said...

I don't own a pair of vans. I have never even tried on a pair of vans. I'm not against them, just haven't.

jody said...

Love the vans too. My orange ones are very very bright. My favorite were my yellow and they aren't making that shade, I refuse to toss them