Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Recap

Our Christmas in California 2008

6AM Dayne awakes and Rich brings her to our bed to hang out. "mom, mom. mom. mom. mom" is repeated so many times that I am praying for Crewe to wake up soon.

Crewe wakes up and we got take a look at all the booty Santa left us. Boy did he treat us good this year. Crewe got a Planet Hero Station and Baby Dayne got a kitchen. Both were huge hits and have already brought much entertainment. 

7:30 I start breakfast. I made Carmel rolls (which turned out so good. I bet I have not made them in over a year). Right as we were eating I noted, "Schofields all over the world are making and eating this breakfast." I felt very connected to the family. The Schofields, not the Mob. 

8:30 Start opening presents. Great gifts. Thanks everyone.  My favorite might be the purple Vans my dad bought me. Rich loved his XM radio. Dayne is crazy about a pair of clip on earrings. Crewe is digging his fish game from the 4 brothers.

11:30 Leave for Richard's Grandparents house. We are the first there and enjoy getting to chat with his Grandparents. We ate a small lunch and hung out with the Palmers as the slowly rolled in.

2:00 Back at home. Start getting ready for our friends/family to arrive.

4:00 Friends come over. They bring so much food. We have made chicken/rice tacos.  We eat dinner. Then we break out the games. We have a Wii upstairs. A Wii downstairs. And games being played at the tables. So much soda is drank.  I loved having my friends here. Thanks for coming. We had around 22 of us.

12:30am Everyone leaves and Rich and go to bed. As we lay down we talk about the great day we had. We are grateful for good buddies who helped us celebrate that day. We are grateful for family that we got to spend time with. WE are grateful for the Gospel. We crazy about our kids and loved seeing them have such joy over today. Merry Christmas everyone!


jody said...

What a great day!

The kitchen is so cute. Looks like it will be lots of fun for both kidos.

Got to love the Planet Hereos!

brittany said...

it sounds absolutely perfect.

{natalie} said...

I was thinking she got the red kitchen but that one is super cute. I bet she'll love it! And the banners in the background are super cute! Christmas sounds wonderful!!