Wednesday, December 17, 2008

love it

I love this family tree. I kind of have a thing of family trees. I really like to buy them for my mom.  Every time I am home I find myself studying the one I bought her a few years ago at Red Envelope.  I would like one for myself but not this one. First it is too much money, hard to get--it is from England, and it is blue.  A color I do not have a relationship with.  But it is very cool. Very.


{natalie} said...

i really want a family tree. i like the one that you got your mom. i have been wanting to make one similiar to that on a big canvas. a huge canvas. we'll see if i ever get to it, but it's been on my desk for months. we should brainstorm

jody said...

i didn't know you want a family tree. Oh I think we could come up with some cool ides between the three of us;)))