Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Lives

It has been cold here. I know, it is not Montana. But still, it is WINTER. Burrrr...... Crewe had a really cute quilt on his bed that was too thin. Plus it had airplanes on it and Crewe is SO OVER airplanes. This month we bought Crewe a new down comforter. I know not a really exciting post but my mom will like seeing Crewe's new bed.

In other cold news.....it has been RAINING and RAINING. Yes, I have been wearing my pink galoshes that I bought the last time I was in Paris. That is right. Rocking the Rainboots. 


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Cute new bedding. Is Crewe into space stuff now? Glad you can wear your cute rainboots.

jody said...

very cute bed!!!

{natalie} said...

nice bed, kade has been asking for a new room. specifically new paint. but i love his animal canvases your mom made so i don't want to change it yet. i'm sure the time will come soon. how does crewe like the new blanket? ps snow here.
pps ethan is still saying the barbie is just tan.