Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I have been Reading

I read all 3 of these books while I was in Montana. My dad had a stack waiting for me. I would have brought them all home with me  but I had no room. So I read what I could while I was there. 

The Brass Verdict was really really good. Lawyer book. Same character as the Lincoln Lawyer. Check it. 
I swore off Harlan Coben after The Woods. But this was pretty good. Really fast read and when you are getting up ass early with your kids and trying to stay downstairs so they won't wake up the house, you need entertainment too. 
This book I brought with me on the plane, you know in case my kids were stolen and I had time to read....Vampire book. The first one in a series. And I love me a series. Pretty Good but not GREAT. However, I have book 2 in my line to read so we will see. 


brittany said...

I am always so impressed that you make time to read. Every year I make a goal to make more time to read and I always fail. Maybe this will be the year!

{natalie} said...

i just finished The Shoe Addict book for book group. It was ok. Now I am reading Loving Frank. I Like it so far. I also have World without End on my nightstand. It's so LONG. I am off and on w/reading, but right now...on.

jody said...

Ash you are reading fool.

Nat- Be careful reading World Without End at night and falling a sleep it will smother you.