Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Winner of Friends the Game on this Blog.....

Runners up:
Kelli - 7 points *

Natali- 18 points (Nan also didn't compete in Round 5 or 6)

Natalie- 17 points 

Ethan - 26.5 points

Ashley- 27.5 points

The winner is JACKIE with 35 points.  Congratulations! Next time I am in Utah the game is on!!

* I didn't print your score if it was below 7 points.


Amy said...

Really? I suck that bad!?

jody said...

i'm pretty sure i got a few points

Jackie said...

YAY! I love friends! And Ash - please come play Friends with me! Like I said, no one, but Dara if I make her, will ever play the game with me!