Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Big Day

First day of preschool. Crewe is modeling his new shoes and he insisted on wearing that long sleeve shirt. (It was a hot day).

The Magic School Bus dropped by these treats on our doorstep. They were waiting for Crewe in the morning, Surprise.

Crewe got all cranky on the way there. He kept saying, "I'm not ready to do projects." Once he was there was so totally fine. He will love it. I had to stay for a parents meeting so Thursday will be his first solo day.

Baby dayne went over to john and aj's house. No preschool for babies.


Ryan and Brittany said...

yay for crewe! how grown up he is getting.

jody said...

Looks like a very fun place to go to school. I think he will love it.

Now the the cool Puma shoes are very fast. I saw him put his hands in the shoes and run them up and down in one spot to show me how fast they were.

School tomorrow.

{ns} said...

good luck crewe. kade has been talking about school all the time. maybe i should send him w/the c pup.