Thursday, September 20, 2007


Why I might lose my license to mother?

At playgroup:
Friend: Come here my kids, it is cold outside and you MUST wear a jacket.

I look outside to Crewe sans-jacket. Ok, he also was running around barefoot.


In the car:

I mumble: My bra is driving me crazy.

Crewe yells from the back: My bra is driving me crazy too!

(Don't worry, Crewe is not wearing a bra but should I be discussing this with a 4 year old?)


Rich: Crewe, if you say bad words YOU WILL BE put in time out!

Crewe: What about when mom says S**T?


*ethan* said...

HAHA crewe busted your ass

{natalie} said...

ethan you crack me up.

it's ok ash, you are a good mom. don't worry about it. unless your mom is in town, def put a coat and shoes on!

jody said...

Ha ha ha A S H A L E Y!!!

jody said...

Nat is bad too.

*ethan* said...

way to spell ashley's name right mom

Delaine said...

Ashley you go to time out!!! (but make sure to take a book with you)

Ryan and Brittany said...

This post cracks me up. I love that Crewe sold you out!