Tuesday, September 04, 2007


So far today I have done laundry (HATE IT), played cars outside (which according to Crewe, I did it wrong), watched The Hills (oooh, that Spencer is a boob and I hate his facial hair) and Crewe tricked me into giving him an ice cream sandwich. Crewe came to me and said that he would like to have his hair spiked up and maybe even go to Church. These are 2 things that he despises. I gleefully jumped up to do his hair. Then as were were admiring the new hair in the mirror he said to me, "Now I get a licky-pop?" Licky-pop: anything that is sweet that he licks. ie, suckers, fudge bars, ect.. So I gave him an ice cream and took a picture. I am such a sucker. I mean, a licky-pop!

Oh, We also painted Dayne's toes. He He.


Ryan and Brittany said...

I love the red polish on Dayne's toes. How do you get her to hold still? Crewe's hair looks adorable! Does he really despise church? That is so sad. I also want to say that I love the bedding in whatever room that picture was taken!

Ashley said...

Crewe used to FREAK out whenever we said the word church to him. He still cries on sunday mornings but is really fine and happy once he is in Primary. He also is really good in sacrament but has taken awhile to get there.

I painted dayne's toes very quickly and then crewe helped me blow on them.

jody said...

I love the new doo and he is one smart boy to bargin with you for the ice cream sandwich.

The red toe polish is so cute and she is starting to have screw on feet. YEA!!! I love it!!

*natalie* said...

those toes are to die for!

holy crap, so cute.

Dave and Crissie said...

Ha ha! Jonny asked me today for a licky-pop and I was like.. What is a licky-pop?.. He told me it was a fudgesicle and that he learned the word from Crewe!

By the way, I don't like Spencer's facial hair on him either, he looks scary! Interestingly enough, today I met Dave and his co-workers for a last lunch (he's almost done with KPMG) and one of the accountants he works with turned to me and said, "So what do you think of "The Hills" and went on to tell me more details of LC (Lauren)than I thought anyone knew. Ha ha...the secret life of accountants (Dave is a fan of the show too!)