Friday, September 28, 2007

the TV rundown

If you had any type of superficial conversation with me this summer (who didn't?) then you know I was suffering from MAJOR t.v. depression. Gilmore Girls (seven years I've been loyal) ended. Veronica Mars, abruptly got the rug pulled out from it. And Grey's Anatomy, oh the drain you were starting to circle. If you recall, I HATED the second 1/2 of the season not to mention, the final show of the season. I blogged about, emailed about it and chatted with anyone who would listen.

*note to self- get a life!

But until is my rundown from last night.
Hate Alex's big hair and his facial hair (And I love Hairy men). I think they were trying to make him appear older, more mature, not so assish, ect...
My feelings are still conflicted about the derek/merdith issue. I guess I am happy about the end of them not being so final.

Lame. Lame. Deer surgery. Thank goodness for dvr and the ability to fast forward. Oh, George and "the love"- Double barf and not believable.
I like the new sister.
The original interns having interns.....not sure if I like this path. Overall, I was more pleased than I thought I would be. I guess, I will continue to watch and make blogs about it. So look head people, TV is back!

FYI. I mostly read this summer but I did check out a few random shows. I discovered a great show. The new Adventures of the Old Christine. Well, at least one episode. I have it on my dvr and I watch EVERY week. And laugh, and laugh and laugh and get the idea. Check it out.


birnels said...

I agree about Alex, Hate the hair, he looks SO old!! I am traumatized about mer and der, I really want them to be together, Izzy and George make me want to vomit, she can't go from denny to george it just doesn't work, and I like Callie and am not a fan of affairs.

I am not sure about Lexie, I don't think I like it. I HATED the deer thing. That was d.u.m.b.!!! But I loved Izzy's final comments to her interns.

I wanted to boycott too, but it is hard to do.

jody said...

Oh are you girls reading my thought.

Don't like the Interns having 1st year Interns

Hated the deer thing I hit the fast forward button. Helena Montana is going to issue licences to kill 350 of the pests in the city limits and Greys wants to use shock paddles so that the dirty little bambies can run out in front of a car.

Loved that Merideth and Derek aren't finished.

Lexi Grey is cute but looks 12.

Not going to watch "Bad Boys" to much immorality.

{natalie} said...

yes, that deer part was so awful.

i want more bailey.

hated mer's actions toward lexie, just rude to walk away and no talking. plus i think mer is ugly.

george is a puss.

is assish a word? i like it.

i will keep watching!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I agree! I hate that they're trying to get George and Izzy together! Boo! I'll keep watching though.

{natalie} said...

ps. did you watch private practice??

jody said...

I totally agree with the Boooo on the George and Izzy. I saw the next weeks ads and George is implying that he is leaving Cally.

George is a wus and in real life I don't think a chic like Izzy would even give him the time of day. Well in real life I guess he doesn't like girls like Izzy so I guess who cares.

If you all like "Bad Boys" thats ok. I didn't know it is suppose to be a boy Sex in the City. Remember I am old;))))

I watched Private Practice and Addison is this big outstanding OB GYN and she had to talk herself into doing a c-section???? It bugged me that they kept saying that the hospital was 20 minutes away. Like they don't ever have an emergency. And another thing...the 12 year old receptionist helps with the delivery??? huh But I will give it another shot.