Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Story of Today

We had a rocky start getting ready for church today. Dayne has not been napping for the past 2 days. Grrr! This morning she was finally asleep and so we waited (and waited) for her to wake up. Dayne got up, drank a bottle, changed her clothes and she was ready. Doesn't she look cute?

This is how Crewe felt about the whole thing!

The End

* Wish us luck. Our sweet boy is having dental surgery tomorrow. He will be put to sleep for about 2 hours and then need to recover for about 2 hours. Plus the hospital in in San Francisco. So we will come home in at the end of the day. One Long Day.


birnels said...

Ash, You are so cute. No wonder your kids are so adorable! I love that they still are wearing summer stuff. It is SO cold here right now, ok well for this time of year anyway. Good Luck to Crewe in his surgery. I hope it goes ok, and good luck to you as well. I am sure that is a little bit stressful. I'll be thinking of you!

{natalie} said...

i hope crewe does ok. more surgery?? i love that pic of you and crewe. and dayne is so cute.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Love the pictures! They're darling! Dayne is getting so grown up! Crewe and Drew have the exact same opinion on church. I hope all goes well with the surgery and the recovery is quick. What exactly are they doing?

jody said...

Oh Darlin! Those babies are so dang cute. I love the picture of you and CP. Dayne is getting big and still just as cute as ever.

I am sure CP will do great and he will have the teeth all done. Good luck to you all.

*ethan* said...

that is a cute pic of you and the C pup