Saturday, September 22, 2007

what is going on?

What have we been up to this week:1. My children have been getting up ASS early. There is no other way to describe it. It is awful. I am thinking of refusing to acknowledge daylight savings at the end of October. It will be too hard to change my kids. We will be known as Arizona.

2. I made these cookies. Oatmeal with pecans. The recipe is from (can't remember her exact blog). Then I decided that we didn't need all of the cookies, so we made plates and delivered them to friends and family.

3. I have not touched a book in almost a month. However, I did read this month's Vanity Fair. I want to be smart enough to care about the magazine but I need more fluff. I do always love the cover story.

4. Rich signed us up to go on the ward camping trip. (Quit laughing.) I have heard a rumor that camping involves the outdoors. Ewww! On Friday, Rich ended up working and working and by the time he got home the camping trip was looking more like a "camping night". We drove up to the campgrounds and were ALMOST there when it started to rain. To make a boring story short, we came home and let Crewe sleep in a sleeping bag on his floor.

Note*Crewe was in his bed by 11pm. Even sleeping on the floor in your own house SUCKS!

5. We watched "Year of Dogs" tonight. Suck-a-roni. Suck-a-roo. Stay far away from the this movie. And I like Molly Shannon and DOGS. Puke!

But to end on a good note, I did like watching the movie with Rich.


birnels said...

I love the we will be known as Arizona comment. That would be perfect. That sucks that they've been waking up so early. I hate that. I also had to laugh about the camping trip. Did you do a rain dance before Rich got home?

birnels said...

and I want to know if the cookies were good.

Ashley said...

The cookings were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Ashley said...

I just woke up....try again.

The cookies were AMAZING and good.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

That stinks the kids are getting up so early! Glad the camping trip worked out in your favor :)!

jody said...

Ashley camping? I think you should do it so Crewe can see how fun it is:)))

{natalie} said...

6 comments by the time i check your blog? jeez. i am going to make the cookies but i'm scared of the pecans. i've already made pumpkin choco chip and PB cookies this weekend so i may wait a few days.

too bad about the camping :)

*ethan* said...

just how early is ASS?

Ashley said...

I will call you tomorrow morning (4-5AM) so you will know what ASS early is all about.

*ethan* said...

Dear Ashley,

Go ahead and call ill be up and most likley at work! I too wake up ass early!