Saturday, September 15, 2007

Join Us at the River

Time for the Delta.
Dayne had to wake up to join in the fun day at the River.

We go to this magical place called "The Delta", "The River" or "The Cabin". We love it and spend most weekends there from May until Oct. It is so wonderful. Here is what a day can look like at the river. Won't you join us?
Here we are at the dock. Steve and Rich are loading up the boat. Turn around and take a little look at the cabin. It is small and simple but a perfect place to lay around at the end of the day. There is also a great deck for BBQ'ing and eating fudge bars.

Let's go get on the boat. Today we will travel light but usually we bring snacks, water, beach toys and sometimes our floats.
Dayne is ready for the boat. She is not sure if she likes the wind when we go fast but she is learning.
Captian Crewe at the wheel.

We are at the beach. It is not the sandy beaches of Hawaii but Crewe never complains.
Boys at the beach. We are known for setting up chairs and umbrellas so we can stay for awhile at the beach. I have also been found reading a book laying on the docked boat while beach playing is going on.
Cute boys on the boat.
Swimming or taking a drink.
Time to wake board. You can watch from the beach or ride on the boat.

Yes, that is Crewe AND Richard.

We planned on ordering in from the local Mexican restaurant but our kids were too tired. So we headed home early (usually be come home right at bed time so they will fall asleep on the way). No sunburns today. It was quite day. A good day. A great day.


{natalie} said...

looks like a fabulous day! so great you have a place to enjoy all together. def a plus of living in ca.

Anonymous said...

Why no pictures of Ashley wakeboarding?

jody said...

Holy Crap...CP is wake boarding with Rich. He is so brave!

Love the pictures of the kids in their life jackets.

Ryan and Brittany said...

The lake looks so lovely. I think I remember you and Rich talking about the lake. I also remember how fun the little cabin in panguitch or hatch was it? (we still have the picture of ryan in the old school hat that says i love hatch). i can't believe rich is holding crewe and wake boarding at the same time. what talent!

*ethan* said...

how come the kids wear a thong life jacket?