Saturday, November 17, 2007


Rich and I got to go out to dinner with "our" friend Landon. (Rich totally tried to steal him from me). Landon and I met the summer of 1997. We were instant friends and I have loved having him in my life since.

I can't express all of the good that is landon so here is list of why Landon is so wonderful.

10. He has the best laugh. AND he thinks I am funny.

9. Excellent dresser. Always notices what I am wearing and makes nice comments on the attire.

8. He LOVES U2.

7. Super smart. He is an electrical (or is chemical) engineer with a MBA.

6. He can't eat gluten but NEVER complains about it. NEVER.

5. He points his finger a lot when he is excited.

4. He is married to the BEST person. I wish she lived here so we could be best friends and leave Rich and Landon out.

3. He took Rich and I to his cousins Prom.

2. He once told me that I swore like a sailor. And he loved it.

1. He totally understood why I took the picture of the ceiling at the restaurant. I mean camping mats on the ceiling?

1a. Landon and Marie are having a baby.
1b. He always bought me great birthday gifts.
1c. Landon and Ted always took me out for Indian food for my birthday.
1d. Once he told me that if I was going to marry Rich, he was going to get to know him or fear having his butt kicked.
1E. Oh, he is totally afraid of being beat up.


birnels said...

sounds like a fun night out with a good friend. I think it's funny that Rich tried to steal him. It doesn't sound like he was completely successful in his attempt.

jody said...

What a fun friend, glad you got to spend some time with him (and his wife via cell phone.) You are a good friend to your friends.

{natalie} said...

i have never met this landon, though heard of him many times. glad you got a visit. and what the hell's up w/that ceiling????

Marie said...

What can I say!!! I think you are the only other girl who knows Landon as well as I do, maybe even more!! Everything was right on, especially about me living there and us leaving Landon and Rich out of things! Thanks for the Oreo's, they are delicious and the blanket it very soft and cute, and also my first baby gift!!! Thanks a lot and I am glad that Landon got to spend time with you. We miss you guys tons!! Thanks again.