Thursday, November 08, 2007

I just sat down and started watching Grey's Anatomy tonight. The opening scene is of George and Izzie and they are sweating. SWEATING.WAY TO MUCH. And I thought I needed to say:

1. The whole George/Izzie "thing" not believable. No chemistry.

2. Sweating?

3. One time my old roommate came over to my house to pick me for a night out. She was running a little late and had a sweaty hairline. me: "Oh, did you just come from the gym?" Her: "No, Doug* and I just finished having sex." So much sweat.

4. Time to push play.

*Not his real name. Not sure if this friend reads this blog....

** Right now as Ethan is reading this blog, he is shuddering.


{natalie} said...

i haven't watched it yet. i'm not a fan of too much sweat!

birnels said...

ha ha ha, I bet you were happy with the final scene. No Chemistry.

jody said...

I can't stand the George and Izzy story and am tired of them trying to always make it happen. I agree that they do not have any chemistry. George is a wiener dog and she is way to cool for his baby face and voice.