Monday, November 26, 2007

Time out

I was in my room reading tonight and Crewe crept in for the millionth time, "Mom, is it dinner yet?"

Still reading. Not dinner time.

"I need milk." Jumping on my legs.

"I think dinner is almost ready."

Still reading. I'm still in my self imposed time out.


"Oh, You-whoooooo!!!!"

Playing with my hair, jumping on the bed.

Still reading.

FINALLY. Crewe throws his head down on my book and just stares at me.

"Could you be more irritating?" I finally demanded.


Holy Crap. He is turning into me. I have on more than one occasion bugged my dad while he was reading. I pull the book out of his hands, pull his bookmark out, put my large head on his book. And this was in July when I saw him.

Yes, we could be more irritating.


jody said...

How cute are you two?

birnels said...

i am laughing out loud sitting at my computer with no one else around. how dorky am i? but i love this post. i have felt that way a countless number of times.

Anonymous said...

If your head covered my book, I must have been reading a road atlas. Ho Ho

jody said...

not funny dad

{natalie} said...

i'm laughing about the large head comment.

i want to read w/you.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Very funny!!