Monday, November 05, 2007

One week Down

Baby Dayne will pull herself up on anything. She wants to stand and then bounce all day.
That is correct. November 5th. Shorts. Outside. Playing in the leaves.

I just like this picture of Dayne. Crewe runs when the camera comes out.

*We have been living at the Palmers for 1 week. Sorry I have not returned a lot of phone calls or emails. We are STILL moving. We go over to the house and it is like the crap keeps multiplying. Plus, Rich has been working long hours, had pool emergencies and our storage unit closes every night by 7. It is making this move VERY slow. I was always worried that someone would break into our house, now I am praying someone will and take the rest of the crap that needs to be moved!

Dr. Nan, look at Dayne. Already brushing her teeth.


birnels said...

moving sucks. I feel your pain since i did it twice in the last few months, once to my parents basement and once here. we figured out we have moved every summer since lily was born and i am hoping we stay put for awhile now. no more moving, it is no fun. i hope it starts to pick up for you and it is worth it in the end :)

jody said...

What is that baby Dayne doing? She is to little to walk tell her to stop. she is dang cute.

The kids in the leaves look like they are having fun. They should be her in my trillion of leaves!!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Oh she's darling! Love the pictures of the kids.