Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Year Review

At first glance, I must admit that I didn't think I did much or accomplished much in 2007. Then I thought, It doesn't have to BIG. I have a good life even though no trips to Europe were had, no huge weight loss and no new car happened this year. Here a few highlights of this year:

1. Girls trip. I LOVE all girls weekends. I missed my sister-in-law, Natali. 2008 will be her year. I also got to with my Palmer sisters-in-law(except no julie-boo) in Oct on a weekend. Also a great time.

2.I turned 30.

3. Baby Dayne was born. Miracle Baby that I love with my whole being. Even though I have been up since 4:30am with the little darling.

4.I have picked up a million toys. Mostly cars.

5.I was able to spend time with my funny smart children.

6. Crewe spent many hours NAKED in our front yard. Good summer times.

7.Kayleen, Trevor and Family moved back to CA. Even better they moved into the town RIGHT NEXT to mine. We live 12 minutes apart.

8. Crewe started preschool. Big time enjoyment.

9. Rich got to hike the slot canyons in Zions.

10. We had a blessed Christmas with family and friends.


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

What a great year!! Love all the pictures! Very fun!

ethan said...

that is a good year, i'm not sure i could go past 3 things!

b & r said...

so fun to read about your great year!!!

jody said...

You had a great year! What better than a new baby and she is the best. I loved the look back with the pictures.

{natalie} said...

excellant post ash. i look weird in that pic i think. i need a haircut always. hmm.

here's to another good year. come visit!!!!!!

KAP said...

Baby Dayne is such a wonderful baby, aside from the 4:30 wake up call. 2007 was good.

kandj said...

Happy New Year!