Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday Highlights

Monday always involves a TON of laundry and a need for food. I do have this theory that the grocery store isn't always stocked by Monday morning so I it sucks if you go and expect options. Espically at Trader Joes. After Dayne's morning nap we headed to Costco. I love and spending money not feeling like I am buying anything. Ha.

Great afternoon filled with naps, playing and me working. ( I type Bankruptcy's for my dad. Even ones that smell like smoke and are giving me a spot on my lung).

Rich came home around 3 and we had Family Home Evening. (We are thankful for our Bodies). We decided to reward ourselves by cashing in a gift card and going out to Dinner.
Go Outback Tonight.........Baby Dayne loved the steak and the tomatoes on our salads.
Now, that's a knife!

We made a stop at Babies-R-Us for pacifiers because Dayne will only take one kind and it is the kind that the devil takes, so it is hard to find. Crewe decided he needed to downsize into this bed at the store. Do you think they minded that he took off his shoes and got under the covers?


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I like the new blog and it looks like a very fun day!

jody said...

What cute pictures.

Looks like you had a good day. Also looks like the bed for CP was a little small.

I love the Chetta outfit.

brittany said...

oh so many things!

1. love the picture of you and crewe!
2. the new background is great!
3. I am loving the daily updates
4. Your kids are always so put together
5. Hilarious that Crewe took his shoes off and crawled in the bed!

KAP said...

I love the picture of Dayne and Rich. She totally looks like she is telling him something.

{natalie} said...

i am enjoying the new blog design and the daily posting. daily posting makes me happy even though i don't do it myself. i wish you were going to my costco. :(

dear crewe: i want to come to california, love kade