Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A letter

Dear White Elephant Game Creator-

Your game blows. I know you thought you had discovered a great way for people to end up with your old crap. Not.a. gift...CRAP.

I know, if I wrap it up really purtty and put a bow on it that would make them not notice the level of crap that they recieved.

Mr. Creator, it is time to get back to work creating a new "game" because I will not be playing this one anymore.

Ashley-a- "winner" at white elephant parties

PS.Someone else also thought of this idea (get people to like my old crap) and made it better--It is called Ebay.

PS II. If you would like me to send some of my treasure that I received tonight, I will be happy to send the half bag of, sugar-licked-off, gum drops.


Anonymous said...

I buy and sell coins on ebay. They are NOT white elephants. Lame maybe, but no regift.

brittany said...

one time ryan took bites out of every chocolate in the box and took a picture of himself thoroughly enjoying one of them.

sorry you got a lame prize! and we LOVE ebay, we make so much money on there.

{natalie} said...

that's disgusting!

jody said...

that blows!