Monday, January 14, 2008

A week of Ashley

I read a lot of blogs. Some of them are daily postings about crafts, cooking, lifestyle, ect..Some of the blogs are just about the daily happenings of their life. So this week that is what I am going to try to do. Welcome to a week of Ashley.

PS Baby Dayne can stand for a LONG time and can take 2-3 steps. Ah.


brittany said...

Oh, I am excited for a week of Ashley!! and that picture of Dayne is adorable. I can't believe she is starting to walk! where does the time go?

*ethan* said...

she's so cute

{natalie} said...

i love those flushed cheeks. i knew she would be walking soon!!

jody said...

First... that baby is so cute! I'm thinking that she will be walking by the end of the month.

Second... cool background.

Third...I will be gone for the week of Ashley so I will have to read and hear about it all when I come back. Chat with ET and all will be well:)))