Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why I should never pump my Own Gas....

It's almost on zero!

Crewe loves to yell this whenever he gets in the car. He is referring to the gas gauge. I want to turn to him and say why don't you pump the gas so it won't be at zero. I hate having to get gas it seems like I ALWAYS need gas in my car. Always. Maybe it is because I never fill the tank. Who has $200 on hand for gas a week?

Last night, on my way to meet friends I decided that I had to get gas, in the pouring rain, or risk the chance of running out. I went to gas station #1 and could not get my card to work. You have to enter your zip code for the card to work. The no 4 button was stuck so my zip code all 4's in it. Suck. Left the gas station.

On my way home I NEEDED to get gas. It was 1am and I pulled up to station #2. OUT OF ORDER.  Moved to another pump. Ran my card, SEE ATTENDANT. It is 1 am, there is no attendant. Drove home very carefully.

This morning went to station #3. Ran my card, smooth. Turn and I lost my gas cap. What the....can you lose these? Do people turn them in when they are lost????

Seriously, can't Rich pump my gas and fill my tank?

What was I doing out so late? Good times with good friends. Dinner and then we saw 2 movies:


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

So how were the movies? Any good?

Kristin said...

You sound like my mom.

Filling the cars with gas is like my dad's one big job to contribute to the household, other than bringing home the paycheck.

She gets grumpy if he doesn't do it.

Dave is hardly ever in the van, which I drive constantly. So, I fill it, but it doesn't bug me like it did my mom. And I fill it up all the way, every 5-10 days.

And yes, how were the movies?

KAP said...

I love the picture on the right.

Delaine said...

What the crap? I hope Rich feels sorry for you and will fill your car from now on. I want to see both of those movies. Which one was better?

{natalie} said...

so lucky to see 2 movies in 1 night. i too, hate pumping gas. that's why i want to move back to jersey (where they pump it for you!)

Ethan said...

i heard that there was a combined 4 guys in to two movies!!

jody said...

i don't pump gas and you are a lucky girl to get home on fumes.

brittany said...

I too want to know how the movies were.

and heres a tip, I realize there are not a lot of pools in Oregon, BUT if you relocate to Oregon you'll never have to pump your own gas again. In Oregon you have to let the attendants pump your gas. It is more annoying than you might think though.