Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Day of Firsts for 2008

Tuesday was a day of Firsts. Not Firsts-Ever. But Firsts for this YEAR.

First frost. We had major frost on our car. When it was time to take Crewe to school we had to scrape the windows.

First time I felt productive during Crewe's preschool. Dayne and I went to Joann's, the Bank, and Trader Joes.

First time Crewe did not fight it. Crewe napped. Dayne did not.

First time at a new restaurant. I went to dinner with friends here:
Bookstore/bistro. It was pretty cool and since there was 7 of us they turned the front display table into our dinner table. Funky food with a French twist.

First time since dayne was born that I scrapbooked. After dinner I went over to another friends house for a scrapbooking evening. My sister-in-law, Kelli, joined me, along with 15 other friends. I was able to actually work on Dayne's calendar. AND I had great time.

First time I went to bed LATE and woke up EARLY and have not complained, yet, about it.


{natalie} said...

that restaurant looks awesome! scrapbooking? wow. i haven't done that in a long time, though i love all the supplies. glad it was a good day!

brittany said...

what a great day of firsts, and that restaurant looks amazing!

ethan said...

that B&W pic of you and baby dayne is super cute

jody said...

I like this post... and the pics. Those babies are so cute. I miss them