Friday, January 18, 2008


6:30am- My day to sleep in and I woken up by the phone. (rich and the kids have been up since 5:30am). My parents are calling to report on their insane long travels. They have been stuck in Atlanta for almost 24hrs.

7:00- have a horrible headache

9:00- rich takes crewe to school and I get to stay home. YAY. I love it when Rich gets to help.

10:00 am- baby dayne is awake and CRYING. So freaking fussy. So we head to Wal-mart to distract. I run into my friend, trish and we get to catch up.

11:30- pick crewe up from preschool. Crewe loves his kid, julian, I don't know his moms names so I fake it. Badly.

12:30- talk to nat. she asks when my blog for today is going to be up. I tell her that I was thinking of not blogging. Only 2 comments. i suck. Her excitement for the post leads me to blog but i am not making any promises about future posts:(

12:45pm. - baby dayne still crying but crewe is being SO good. I go to check on him. He has no clothes on.....oh well.

1:00pm - baby dayne still crying and my headache is really strong. 2:30- package arrives from my mom. she has printed this picture from Paris for me. I love it....i took it the picture in 2005.

3:00pm- call Rich and beg him to come home.

4:00pm- Rich comes home AT THE SAME TIME, as I get baby dayne to finally nap.

4:05pm- rich looks at me like I am loser. No crying baby and crew is naked.

4:06pm- still have a headache but at least rich is here to start dinner.

5:30pm- make dinner and eat. so good. I made Aaron/Nan's Thai chicken stirfry.

6:30pm Rich decides we need a family outing. To Target we go.

8:00pm- kids to bed

10:30pm- I fall asleep on the couch watching tv. I have been watching True Life again.....


Delaine said...

I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I love to see your cute pics and to know what you are up to.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Love the post! I'm glad you're posting daily! I absolutely love the picture you took in Paris. I may need a copy of that for the office! What do you think?

{natalie} said...

ash i love you and your posts. wish you were here to eat fondue tonight. and go to pizzeria 712 with. we took aar and nan for dessert and it was so good. can you make for a saturday night dinner there? the pic of crewe naked makes me laugh! that is something kade would do. today i heard scrubbing noises from the bathroom. he said he was cleaning the toilet. actually there was toilet water everywhere. i just shut the door and ran! this is a really long comment. keep blogging!!!!!!!!!!! love ya
ps. i love that paris pic too. it's AWESOME!!!

brittany said...

I have been waiting for your post all day! I love the week of posting by Ashley. I am sorry for all the bad headaches! And I want the thai stir fry recipe please!

{natalie} said...

what is that black and white fabric behind dayne?? i like it

Ashley said...

it's my bag in the background.

ethan said...

that is quite the day! love you sis

jody said...

Great post Ash and I love the picture. Girls I did an 8 x 12 for the dining room and it looks great.