Friday, August 07, 2009


"A"- Agua

One day we went to the water park or Agua Park. Crewe was mostly talk and no action once we got there. Baby Dayne cried for the big slides but she was not big enough. Then notice, how Rich had to go with her down the kiddie slides. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the slides. Well, the slowest slide. And technically, when I thought death was near, I screamed out a profanity in the all dark slide. Whatever....


jody said...

It was very fun! I would say the MT trip was mostly water.

Sprinkle park
blow up water slide in back yard
slip and slide
water slides
and the hose

and drowning the flowers

{natalie} said...

hahahaha, i guess you yelled, "$HIT!!!!!" unless you went big with MOFO!

Anonymous said...

They asked her to leave the water park, if that's any hint.

brittany said...

ashley you crack me up, do you really not like water slides?