Friday, August 14, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Nat,

Last night you called me to chat on your way home from work. I love when you do that. We only get to chat as long it takes from Orem to Springville. I'll take it. I love spending that time with you.

You mentioned that you were reading a book that I sent you. Gods in Alabama. When you said the title I suck my breath a little. Really? I sent this book to you? Here's the thing. I am sorry. I can't remember sending you this book. It's true, we like different books. I have been baffled by some of your book choices. A couple of months ago you semi-hurt my feelings when you told me that I don't read books with serious issues. Even though it tends to be true. So I guess we are now even. Because you are reading a TERRIBLE BOOK. Awful. Truly bad. I am so sorry that I sent that book to you.

Please don't hate me for this book.


PS Have fun at the beach this week. Enjoy reading the book I just sent you. A book I know I sent. A book for you to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I bet joshlynn Jackson's mom disagrees with you.

{natalie} said...

hi ash. i do not remember saying mean things to you, i am sorry for hurting your feelings! i will call soon. love nat

ps i am almost done with J&J and next up is the Queen's Fool.

pps the gods of alabama was AWFUL! haahahhaa.

jody said...

that book sucked...why did i read that book?

Just saw J & J and we both loved the movie