Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Blast of the Past

Things we have done with Crewe in the past 6 years:

1. Took him to Paris.

2. Gave him a sister.

3. Let him share his room with Dayne.

4. Flown to Billings many times.

5. Potty trained him.

6. Taught him to love laugh.

7.Left him with his Grandparents to go to Paris.

8. Left him with his other Grandparents to go to Lisbon.

9. Had him wear his wear SPIKEY.
10. Grown his hair VERY long.

11. Faught with him about cutting his hair.

12. Bought him "Cars" off of ebay.

13. Found little bags for him to carry around of all his animals.

14. Taught him Boat Love.

15. Encouraged the swimming.

16. Watched a million hours of shows.

17. Failed as parents to limit his TV.

18. Made no major trips to the ER with him.

19. Loved him.

20. Loved him some more.


{natalie} said...

kade says he wants to go to california.

"I love you Crewe, I know it's your birthday, I know you are six, I love you." Kade

Hope you had a great day C-pup

Grandma said...

Oh Happy Happy Birthday C Dog. We love you tons! How can you be 6? We are going to count backwards from now on and you will be 6 next year too.

Julie said...

Love you so much it makes my heart hurt! Happy Birthday Crewe!

Anonymous said...

He RJ in a head lock. There's some bad parenting.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Happy Birthday Crewe! Hope you're having fun in Kindergarten.

Kelly said...

Such a cute boy!