Friday, August 28, 2009

What Kind of Mother

What kind of mother would I be if I skipped the boys first day of school? Crewe started Kindergarten this week. School started the day before he turned six. We woke up to this darling sign in our front yard. Crewe had picked out this shirt for his first day. Once we got to the school he was ready for us to leave. But instead we stayed with him, saw him to his room, checked out his table and stayed for the story. (which dayne kept yelling, "I want to go home! I'm done") When it was time to leave, Crewe just turned around and gave him the 2 finger wave and a nod. Watch out Kindergarten, The Amazing Crewe has Arrived!*

* whenever Crewe does a trick he always prefaces it with "Are you ready for The Amazing Crewe?"


brittany said...


1. i love that there was a sign for him. how fun is that!?!

2. he looks adorable and so grown up

3. i love that make a sign saying how old/first day etc.

4. can you believe these kids are in kindergarten? so crazy.

chickadee3357 said...

I love that he picked out his shirt and that Dayne was ready to go home. That cracked me up! He is getting so big. Looking at one of the pictures from your previous post when he was so little and adorable! And he still looks the exact same just bigger and he is getting SO big!

Grandma said...

Oh my heart! I always hated when it was time for school to start. I did not like the end of summer and turning my kids over for the entire day to the school. I wanted to keep them little for ever and now it is happening to CP. It was so fun to be at his first day and he was so handsome, so big and so ready. What a great little kid he is. We love him tons!

{natalie} said...

I could've sworn I commented on this. that sign is awesome, and a good way to make them feel special. happy kindergarten to crewe