Tuesday, August 04, 2009


"O"- Old People.

We affectionately call my grandparents the Old People when we refer to them in conversations. Not their face, ok, sometimes to their faces.  The Old People went out to eat with us many times. And always, came down to the house for games. My grandma and I were partners for many games. We were terrible. I don't think we won a single game. Although I still love Cross Crib. 

For the past 18 years they have lived up the street from my parents house. While we were in Montana we had the chance to help them move. My grandmother gave me a quilt of hers that her Grandmother made her in 1927 before she left Texas to live with her new family. (I will post more on the quilt later). We also received a serving dish and my grandparents china. Which I love!

Our last day there my Grandpa checked into the hospital for a quadruple-pass heart operation. As I hugged my Grandpa as I left I was overwhelmed at the chance I had to be in Montana for the past 2 weeks. To spend time with the Old People. Play Loaded Questions with my Grandpa(who is AWFUL at the game). Play Marbles with my Grandpa (who is pretty good). Go out to eat with him. Serve him. Love him.  I love you Old People. 


Anonymous said...

Very sweet Ash. Too bad the old people can't access a computer to read this post. Ha

{natalie} said...

love your dad's comment.

i am glad you were able to see them so much while you were there. i love the game playing in MT.

this is a sweet post.

ps. i'm anxious to see how you fit the N into Nat

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

We're so glad the Grandparents live nearby. Love playing games too.

jody said...

I love the old people and this is a very sweet post. I will figure out a way for them to see the post.