Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Love

Things I have No Love For:

King sized beds

It's true. My husband has wanted a bigger bed since....we have been married. When we first got married we debated what size of bed to buy. My Grandma's sister, Helen, still sleeps with my Uncle Frank in a double bed. They like to "snuggle". Barf. We didn't need to touch when sleeping so no double. We decided that a Queen bed would work for us. It fit our budget and more importantly, it fit into our apartment. Our second apartment would not have held a King bed.

In our 9 years of marriage Rich has been trying to convince me that the next bed we buy should be a King size bed. When we go out of town Rich always requests a King bed at the hotel. It is not bad.

This past weekend we housed/dog sat for our friends. We slept in their room in their California King Sized bed. EVEN bigger. Too big. I hated it. Don't get me wrong. At first I was smitten. Ang has the softest sheets. A comfy comforter. A ceiling fan to keep your the correct temperatures. She also has a big TV with Satellite. Heaven. (shhh. Don't tell Angie but I ate ice cream in her bed and watched her dvr). Then it came to sleeping. I didn't sleep that well. The second night I used meds to sleep. Still not great. Last night as Rich and I were laying in bed talking. We were too far away. It dawned on me TOO BIG of Bed. Yuck. Too Far away. It was like being in a single bed. We had the dogs sleeping with us and we didn't even know it. I do not see a King bed in our future.

Does this mean I am like Aunt Helen and Uncle Frank?


{natalie} said...

why are you up at 3 am blogging? yikes. i like the queen size. but it does get crowded sometimes. how is the dog sitting?

Anonymous said...

Yes that's what it means

Mary Vigil said...

You are still young. Give it a few more years, and I think you will change your mind. The King is definitely the way to go. Just my 2 cents.

Kristin said...

We got our King two years ago and it is HEAVENLY!!!!

We still snuggle often, as a big bed doesn't mean you can't meet in the middle. But I have to say, with five kids (who aren't really welcome in our bed but seem to invite themselves in anyhow) bigger IS better.

Emily said...

So far, I'm with you. I like the queen--plus I think it just looks nicer...more normal.

Trisha said...

Are you crazy? King is the only way to go. Love my hubby, but when I sleep...I want my room!

Anonymous said...

LOL, you are hilarious!! I understand your dislike of my bed, which is by the way and Eastern King - wider than a Cal King :) Glad you loved the sheets and I am so fine with the ice cream and love that you did that. I think it means that you like your husband WAAAAY better than I like mine :)

Thanks again, and when am i going to watch your kiddos so you can have a night out with that husband that you like so much?

(Nathan - just in case you read this, that is a joke hunny, love ya)