Friday, May 11, 2007

5 things about me

5 Snacks I enjoy:
*nuts, all kinds * diet coke
*pita chips *zingers (only on special occasions)

5 Bad Habits:
*Biting my lip when I am busy *makes piles of mail and leaving them
*refusing to put away my laundry *Putting empty cartons back in fridge *leaving clothes in the washing machine, then I have to rewash before they FINALLY make it in the dryer.
5 songs I know all the words to:
*Popular from the musical, Wicked *Stay, Lisa Loeb *She's in Love with a Boy, Trisha Yearwood *Fishin' in the Dark *Candy Girl *Calender Girl
5 things I like to do:
*Read *Plan parties or girls nights *Play games (I wish we had a game night every week with friends) *Clean the bathroom *talk with friends
5 favorite toys: Dumb I don't play with toys but I do like: *My i-pod, LOVE it *lap tops, I am glad that we got rid of our desk computer a couple of years ago *cell phones, can not live with out (i use over 1000 min a month!) *hot glue gun (all of baby dayne's bows get glued somehow)
5 things I will never wear again:
*Flannel shirts * Jellies * pegged jeans *spandex with shorts over them * silk shirts (like I wore in the 9 th grade)

These are most of pictures of me from this past YEAR. I don't have any shots with Rich, I need to work on that!!!
that remind me
, 5 Goals:
* more pics of me with Rich and with Friends *make more friends *watch less TV
*lose weight *make bed everyday


Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

make the bed every day leaves very little room for error! best of luck on the goals. it was fun reading about you and very cute pics!

*natalie* said...

i wish i were in more pics....that would mean we had seen each other more. i love ya ash!!

*ethan* said...

you wore silk shirts!!!! hahahahahahahahah

jody said...

I liked reading your lists and cute pictures