Friday, May 25, 2007

this weeks Boo/Yeah list

1. Yeah- My friends Kayleen and Trevor had a baby girl on tuesday. they named her anabel or annabell or annabel. She did the whole thing naturally. And yes, I know Clara looks like Trevor.
2. Yeah- Dayne is wearing a oneies that I bought in Paris. I bought it when we took Crewe at 6months with the hope that one day we would have a girl in our home to wear it. 3 years later...yeah.

3. Yeah- I just overheard Crewe say, " Dayne, I love you!"

1. Boo- I think I have strep throat. AGAIN!!!! Dang that Richard.

4. Yeah- My lawn was mowed.
2. Bo0- My gardner is naked!

5. Yeah- Crewe discovered outside showering.

3. Boo- We have been staying in the house most of this week. My allgeries are so bad that at night my eyes have been sealing shut. Gross!


*ethan* said...

it's ironic, i mowed my lawn today completely butt naked too

*natalie* said...

i love my gardener. (see above)

Anonymous said...

I think the phrase is Buck naked. Compliments of George Constanza/ Also the word is YEA . Yeah means yes in slang. So there you go. Still parenting.

Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

all natural, impressive. i'm sorry about your allergies. that sucks. looks like you need a trip to the good ol' oregon coast to clear those up. hint hint.

jody said...

Those pictures are so cute. Love the naked gardner, might have to have Dad try it. Kids say the best things and really know about love. Love you