Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Anti-Vegetarian,pro vegetables

I have had something on my mind lately. I even woke up in the night thinking about it.... Vegetables. Do I like them? Do i eat enough of them? What about Crewe eating them? Do french fries count?

I am a fan of vegetables but I am not sure I eat enough. Should I eat more? Should I become a VEGETARIAN??? No. However, it seems very in vogue right now to be a vegetarian. (That means you don't eat meat.)

(conversation in My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

"Ian is a vegetarian."

"You don't eat meat? That's okay, I'll make you lamb."

Who doesn't like meat. I mean, there is a lot of different options and you can't find something to satisfy your delights. And what do vegetarians eat? I think real vegetarians eat salads and vegetables medleys. But i think poser vegetarians eat boco burgers, chickenless chicken, hummus and seafood. And then the loser vegetarian eats cheese on a stick ,fries, olives, loads of pasta, and waffles and ice cream. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY!!! Aren't you a vegetarian to be healthy???

I have a friend who is a vegan. Don't even get me started on how crazy I think vegans can be. However, I am obessed with the daily eatings of a vegan. I turn into a vegan cop whenever I am around her. "Andrea, are you sure you should eat that?" I find myself saying this EVERYTIME I see her eat anything. (i am an annoying friend.) One time she made vegan cupcakes for her daughters birthday. That means the cake and frosting had no milk, eggs and oil. They looked normal. Crewe took one bite, brought it to me and said, "THIS IS SO PLUCK!!!" and proceeded to wipe his tongue over and over.

At Crewe's 2 year old check up the doctor asked me what kind of foods Crewe ate. After I made the list I said that I was worried that he doesn't eat meat (mcDonald cheesburgers don't count). The Dr. said not to worry that lots of people don't eat meat, they are called vegetarians. I commented back that I had heard of "them" but I didn't want one in my home. She just smiled. I bet she had tofu burger with fries for lunch.

So, i have decided that I am anti-vegetarian but pro vegetables. And yes, fries count.


Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

i agree, fries totally count.

*natalie* said...

yeah i consider myself a carnivore.

it takes way to much effort to be a vegan.

*natalie* said...

ps is it the same friend who makes her own tampons??????

jody said...

What a funny blog! How can you wake up dreaming of vegtables, now ice cream I can dream about but vegetables? I am pretty sure french FRIES don't count as a veggy.

*ethan* said...

i don't get the picture with this posting....but just for the record i eat meat as much as possible!! i probabley eat more meat then anyone you know! and i love vegetalbes!!!!! mmmmmmm......houstons