Saturday, May 19, 2007

what a day

Dear Grey's Anatomy People,
I hated your season finale. It was depressing and dark. And truthfully it didn't make sense. People don't get together and all decide on one day to break up. George and
Izzie, never gonna happen. George is beneath her class. (her looks class. it is like George Castanza hooking up with a supermodel; never gonna happen). Besides, George is married. Married. George is also a guppy that needs a swift kick or at least a time out.
I also hate that I am still pondering the yucky episode and have looked up articles
analyzing it.( FYI, I like I need to get a life. Seriously!
Love not-sure-if-I-am-still-loyal,

ps. this is pic of my son being appalled by the season finale. ok,not really but it is a funny photo.


*natalie* said...

i agree....i want izzie to leave george alone. he needs to man up and remember that he's married. and meredith is a dope for dumping derek. and i just think christina's ugly. no offense.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I agree. Not my favorite! Then they try to get Alex to run off with Ava. Wait she's married too!!!

Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

oh my goodness, i totally agree. here's the thing, do you think meredith was telling derek they were over when at the very end she said, it's so over? i really need them not to break up. i need them to be ok so i can still like the show. also, not a fan of the whole george and izzie thing. it makes me crazy. that finale sucked.

ps, are you as sad as me about gilmore girls, we need to chat about that too.

*ethan* said...

it blew

Anonymous said...

get a life

jody said...

What were the writers thinking creating that king on ending? I totally agree with what you all have said. It really bugs me that they are having Izzy like George. Not gonna happen in real life, he is a wiener dog and I too want Meredith and Derek to be together so I can watch the show. Oh Ash send your comments to the show along with the 1000 other reviews. I guess we all need to get a life.