Friday, May 18, 2007

the boo and yeah list

I've had a hard time coming up with a good blog this week. But today as I was thinking about my week and decided to get out a list. Let me first say that i know my life is great and this is just a list ; nothing deeper.1. BOO -Still have shingles. The sores are looking better but the pain is about the same.
2.BOO- Spent 45 min on the phone with the Delta people and can not find a way to use a frequent flier ticket to go to montana.

1. YEAH- Both of kids napped at the same time. Super yeah!
2. YEAH- My friend Kayleen and her family decided to move back to the CA area. I am so happy.
3. BOO- Julie moved to AZ. She is the best aunt. She loves my kids and wants only good things for them. She was a great movie partner and go'er out'er with me.

3. Yeah- Crewe got a haircut.


Anonymous said...

Yea I liked the blog
Boo I have to go to seminary graduation tonight.

*ethan* said...

Yea- addison is 1 today
Boo-kade needs a haircut

Yea- i got all 10's on my anatomy quizes
Boo- i'm 27 and still in college

Yea- it's sofball season
Boo- nat's at work

Yea- good blog idea
Boo- your sore arms!

Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

what a fun post! sorry about your arms, i hope they get better fast. your kids are as cute as ever.

*natalie* said...

hi ash. love the yay's sorry for the boo's. love that baby bedding you frenchie!

jody said...

Love the pictures and hope the arm is getting better every day, but I get the real BOO- the dirt pile, the hole in the ground, the no sprinkler the slow no work on the house.

jody said...

And the best YEA- the grandbabies and their parents are coming to visit!!!!