Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok. It is 4:20 PST and I have gone through and added all the points. If you answer any other rounds please leave the comments in THIS post. Thanks. I will have another round ready this evening. AND maybe another post Not about Friends.  But on Thursday I am .........wait for it.........going out of town. I will do 1 more rounds of the game (after tonight) and then announce the winner. FYI the youngest person, who watched the least amount of Friends when it was on originally, is winning. Ah.


Jackie said...

Ash - I actually only watched ONE episode while it was on originally. My best friend in our senior year of high school, HAD to watch the last episode of friends because she loved the show, so I watched it with her. I was then addicted, got all the seasons, as well as "best of friends" - thanks to Ethan - and still have my DVR set to record all the episodes of friends (even though I could just pop them in and watch them.) I LOVE THE SHOW! :) So Ash, any time you wanna come to Utah and play the Friends Scene It game - I'm all for it. Dara is the only one who plays with me and it's only because I make her. :)

{natalie} said...

go jack!