Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is Up

Crewe has been taking a Trampoline Class. He has loved it. They bounce and run for 45 min.  Dayne and I love it too. Ps. This is also a picture of the first time I dressed Dayne in jeans.  We all know how I feel about babies in jeans.  Don't worry, it doesn't last forever.

I went with my friend Katie to the The Kids Discovery Museum in San Jose. They had a fantastic time.  Kate brought her 3 kids plus our friends 2 kids so all 7 kids had to stay with us. They did awesome. Here is a few shots of the water room. 

I got to go a small girls weekend. We headed up to Strawberry to play in my friend's cabin. It was beautiful weather. We hung out, stayed up late (until 4am), chatted and enjoyed each others company. We played games and more games. I even won at Settlers, twice. Go me!
Crewe got a haircut. A real haircut. It is ALWAYS very dramatic with him so I usually hog tie him and shear him like a sheep. This time we went to a kids haircut place and he did AMAZING.  This is the before picture of huge hair.

I still have not blogged about Lisbon or even printed any pictures from my trip. Here are 2 of my favorite from Lisbon. I have plans to work on my pictures when I am in MT. We are leaving for the airport in a few hours. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


jody said...

We are SO EXCITED to have you all here!!! Can't wait. Love the pictures of the kids

{natalie} said...

crewe's hair is large and in charge in the before picture. it cracks me up.

have a fun time! i know you will :)