Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Round 5

* I didn't have another Friends Picture. But look how cute my nephew and niece are. 

Round 5

#1. What does Phoebe give to Monica and Chandler as their wedding gift?

#2. What television show is Chandler talking about when he says, "But that's the brilliance of it- the pretty people and the running"?

#3In, "The one After, 'I Do'" when Phoebe is covering for Rachel by saying she's pregnant herself, who does she say is the father?

#4.Why does Chandler hate Thanksgiving?

#5.What comedy duo appears in black and white poster in Joey's apartment?

#6.What is the song that Ross sings to make Emma laugh?


Amy said...

That is a very cute pic of your niece and nephew! I love how you can see Ethan's reflection in the window -standing there like a proud papa!
Here are my guesses:
1. Gives them the recipe for Grandma's cookies (Nestle Tollhouse!)?
2. Baywatch
3. Joey
4. Thanksgiving marks the anniversary when his parents said they were getting a divorce and his dad was gay.
5. Laurel and Hardy
6. Baby Got Back

jody said...

Ok I know that is Kade and Addison, I now have 1 point

Ashley said...

1. Pac Man Game (Answer; Ms. Pac MAn game- I will give myself this point. Amy, i think the cookie recipe was an engagment gift?

2. Baywatch--CORRECT

3. Jaque Cousto--WRONG-- James Brolin

4. Parents getting a divorce- CORRECT

5. Gracho marks---WRONG-- Laurel and Hardy

6. Baby Got Back--CORRECT

Anonymous said...

#1. The Mrs. Pac Man arcade game - and then Chandler's fingers get all stuck.. hehe.
#2. Bay Watch!!!!!!! Yasmin Bleeth is pretty much Chandler's fav! :)
#3. James Brolin (sp?)
#4. Chandler's parents announce they are getting a divorce! :(
#5. I don't know who they are - I hate these people questions.
#6. Baby got back! (Best part is when Rachel sings it)

KAP said...

Yeah I didn't know any of those, until I read the answers and I knew #4. Oh well.

*ethan* said...

1. ?
2. baywatch
3. joey??
4. parents divorce/ dad homo
5. laurel and hardy
6. baby got back

*ethan* said...

ps..... no when will be able to catch Jackie, i shouldn't have told her about this game! ruined my odds of winning