Friday, November 21, 2008

Final round

Final Round 

#1. What kind of Dr. is Monica's boyfriend, Richard?

#2.  In, "the One with Ross's New Girlfriend, "who says, "I can sense when women are depressed and vulnerable. It's one of my gifts?"

#3.What does Chandler call his third nipple?

#4. Who played Gunther?

#5.In "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" w
hose moving boxes prompt Ross to say, "ironically, most of the boxes seem to be labeled 'clothes'''?

6.What song is played on the steel drums as Phoebe walks down the aisle?

7.What do Monica and Chandler name their twins?
8. At one time in her life, Rachel lived or roomed with every other Friend except one. Name that Friend.

9. In what sport did Pete Becker, Monica's multimillionaire boyfriend, decided he wanted to become a champion?

10.Who are the creators of the show?


KAP said...

1. Dentist
2. Phoebe
3. Nubbin
4. Rachel
8. Chandler
9. Ultimate Fighting

Amy said...

1. Optomatrist
2. Joey
3. Nubbin'
4. James Michael Tyler
5. ?
6. ?
7.Jack and Erica
8. Chandler
9.Ultimate Fighter
10. Kauffman and Crane

{natalie} said...

1. eye dr
2. joey
3. nips
4. not sure, gay blond dude
5. rachel
8. chandler
9. ultimate fighter
10? i should know, it's always on

Jackie said...

1. eye doctor
2. Joey - Rachel is all sad about Ross and Julie, and Joey wants to comfort her - while Monica stays in her room with Dudley Moore's haircut. lol - I'm going to watch that one tonight.
3. a nubbin
4. I hate these people questions...SERIOUSLY!
5. Ugly Naked Guy - Ross wants to move in there.
6. You stumped me - I have no idea.
7. Erica (After the mom - that's my name! she says) and Jack (after Monica and Ross's dad)
8. Chandler
9. Ultimate Fighting - he wanted to be the UF champion!
10. David Crane and Marta Kauffman -and I'm going to write them a letter someday soon telling them they should write a five year reunion one (for 2009).

Jackie said...

Hey Ash - you should seriously do another one of these - I look forward to it every day. ORRRRR Just come down to Utah and play it with me!!!!

*ethan* said...

1. eye doc
2. joey
3. nubs
4. gay looking quasi bald guy
5. rachel? seems to easy to be right
6. i want to sex you up- color me bad
7. ? & ?
8. chandler
9. ultimate fighter
10. crane and someone else..... 1/2 point please