Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friends Game Round 2
*if you missed round 1 go back and answer the questions. You can still play. i will be posting more rounds..... plus I am now going to have  a small prize for the winner.

#1. What is Chandler's middle name?

#2. What '70s television character is Phoebe's obstetrician obsessed?

#3.In "The One After the Super Bowl," who played Erika Ford,  Joey's biggest fan who thinks he actually IS Dr. Drake Ramoray?

#4.What was the name of Rachel's assistant and later boyfriend, played by Eddie Cahill?

#5. Besides Chandler, what other Friend dated Janice?

#6.In "The One with the Halloween party," joey comes dressed as whom?


Ethan said...

2. fonzie
4. tad
6. chandler

it's a little early in the morning, so some of my friends knowledge isn't up loaded yet..... but add three points to my score

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

2. The Fonz
3. Brooke Shields
4. Tag
5. Ross
6. Chandler
I can't believe I can't remember #1!

*ethan* said...

so i just checked to see if anyone else had played and saw i said tad..... that is a typo, i knew it was tag.... i answered these out loud to nat and she'll back that up

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I just remembered Chandler's middle name for #1 Muriel.

{natalie} said...

1. ?
2. fonz
3. ?
4. tag
5. ross
6. chandler

Anonymous said...

All I know is I could not stand Ross!! I will fight him in a cage fight, anytime any place!!

Amy said...

I am here to play round 2!
Q.1 - ?
Q.2 - Fonzie a.k.a "The Fonz"
Q.3- Brooke Shields
Q.4 - ?
Q.5 - Joey?
Q.6 - Chandler
Maybe I'm not as good as I thought! I even pulled Wes in on this to help me answer some!

jackie said...

1. muriel
2. Fozie
4. Tag
5. Ross
6. Chandler