Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Game

Rich bought me a Scene It Game, Friends Editions, a couple of months ago. I forgot to bring it out when I was in UT and our game friends here, didn't watch the show. WHAT? So I am going to start a little game on this blog. I will ask a few trivia questions today and then post another set in a couple of days. You can answer in the comments section. I will also play. I will answer the questions before I look at the answers, promise. Please don't look at the answers until you have posted yours. One point per correct answer and a running total will be kept on the side. Anyone game?

#1 In "The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies," an interview with what magazine ends up losing Joey his job?

#2. Who says, "If I turn into my parents, I'll either be an alcoholic chasing after 20-year-old boys or I"ll end up like my mom"?

#3. In " The one after the Super Bowl," what singer played Rob Donnen, Phoebe's date who hires her to sing children's songs at the library?

#4. In the theme song, "I'll be there for you 'cause......." what?

#5.In "The One with the Rumor," Joey tells Monica if she'll cook, it he'll eat it all. What is he referring to?


Amy said...

I'm in! Wes and I LOOOVE Friends!
Q.1 - Soap Opera Digest
Q.2 - Chandler
Q.3 - I'm not sure but I think it's Chris Isaack
Q.4 - "You're there for me too"
Q.5 - That Monica and Chandler are seeing each other and they don't want anyone to know except that Joey found out and has to keep it a secret too!

Julie said...

Sad - I only know 1! I swear I watched the show...

2 - Chandler

Ashley said...

1- People

2- Chandler

3. The guy who sings, "I Don't want to fall in love with you...." with big hair

4. "You're there for me"

5. Fried Cheese

Anonymous said...

I know none of these and I have seen tons of the shows on syndication. #5 Turkey?

*ethan* said...

Crap amy is good...... as me, i think i got 1-4 but not #5.

jody said...

I like games but I haven't a clue to any of these.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

1. Soap Opera Digest
5. Turkey

{natalie} said...

2. Chandler
4. you're there for me toooo
5. turkey

ethan said...

FYI...... question number 5 "the one with the rumor" is the epp w/ brad pitt when he comes over for dinner..... so funny

jackie said...

1.soap opera digest
4.because you're there for me too