Friday, November 14, 2008

Round 3

Round 3 of the Friends Game

#1.Where does Phoebe's boyfriend David get a grant to study, meaning he has to leave Phoebe behind?

#2. In "The One with All the Solutions, "who made the following, "I'm going to go out on a limb and say, 'no divorces in '99'"?

#3.In "The One Where Rosita Dies, " who/what is Rosita?

#4. Who says, "Let's get some perspective people. It's not like I'm wearing a seeing-eye dog coat"?

#5. In "The One with Chandler in a Box, what Alias, star played Dr. Tim Burke, Richard's son and partner in his practice?

#6. What American fashion designer did Rachel work for after leaving Bloomingdale's?


{natalie} said...

1. France
2. chandler
3. no clue
4. rachel
6. hilfiger

Ashley said...

1, Minsk

2. Ross

3. Chair

4. phoebe

5. Michael You know (the guy from never been kissed) I will not look at the answer and see if I can think of it.)

6. Ralph Lauren

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

1. Minsk
2. Chandler
3. ?
4. Phoebe
5. Michael Vartan
6. Ralph Lauren

{natalie} said...

i just clicked back and thought, crap it's ralph lauren. was there an episode she met tommy hilfiger? i think my memory is shot!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? I love Friends and I just skimmed through the last 3 posts and could only answer one question! I am humiliated. I may have to rent the DVDs to catch up!

Amy said...

Q.1 - ? (almost answered Yemen, but realized that is where Chandler was supposedly moving so he could break up with Janice!)
Q.2 - Ross
Q.3 - ?
Q.4 - Rachel
Q.5- Can't think of his name but Jennifer Gardener had an affair with him and it broke up her marriage! Whore.
Q.6- Ralph Lauren

jackie said...

3. joeys brown lazy boy chair
6. Ralph Lauren

ethan said...

1. russia
2. ross
3. ?
4. phoebe
5. ?
6. ralph lauren