Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An email of Sorts from Greece

Dear Babe-
We finally made it to Mykonos. We thought that we would be on a short 3 hour boat ride but it turned out to to be 5 hours. AND it was bumpy. So bumpy. I was freaking sick. You would not be impressed with my sea legs. My dad finally tracked down a pill for me to take. Who knows what I took, the writing on the back was in Greek!

Myknonos is the most beautiful island . It is not he land that is so great but add in the buildings, the sky, the water and it is breath taking.

We are staying at a uber hip hotel. I can't believe it. (More on that later). Ethan and Nat rented a 4 wheeler this after noon. We are trying to convince my dad to 1. let us fly back to Athens 2. Rent 4 wheelers and mopeds to explore the island. He is busy napping and when he wakes up we will hit him our plan. 

Much love,


brittany said...

i'm so happy to see new blog posts from you!! i hope your computer is back up and running. i love all the pictures from your trip. i am so jealous

Amy said...

So did Dane cave in and let you fly back?! Wes and I rented mopeds to tour the San Juan islands and it really is the best way to sight see! Your pictures are so great!

{natalie} said...

i just picked up my pictures from costco and it was so fun to see them all again. mykonos was so wonderful. let's go back and lay on that cozy again. i'm saving my euros now...

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Looks so fun!

The Petersen Post said...

looks like a blast. Good that you got to get away. let the family know we said hi