Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

How do I know my kids have an AMAZING dad? Here's how:
1. I jumped up to feed Dayne the other night. Rich stopped me and said, " I already fed her. She is going to sleep. Go back to bed."

2. He wore out his zoo pass taking crewe to the zoo.

3. he cleans the dishes every night. Remember we don't have a dishwasher.

4. He knows all the words to "dora" and "little Einsteins".

5. He went up with Crewe today to do the scripture and prayer in primary. He was very proud of Crewe.

6. I have caught Rich crying just looking at baby dayne. He is in love! I have also caught him shedding a tear or two over Crewe.

Happy Fathers Day! You are the best.


Ryan & Brittany said...

No dishwasher, That IS a good dad!!!!

*natalie* said...

happy father's day rich! we wish we could come to the zoo with you. kade is saying, "i go see the cousins!!" he just saw the pics

*natalie* said...

ps. "jumped" to feed dayne? i don't know anyone who jumps out of bed for the middle of the night feeding :)

jody said...

What a sweet blog with great pictures. Happy Fathers Day Rich, you are a good dad.