Saturday, June 09, 2007

the PAR-Rade

We live in a town called LIVERMORE. It is a "cowboy" town. Rich highschool is called Livermore Cowboys. This is rodeo week. And today we went to the parade. Or as Crewe said, "the PAR-rade."
Baby Dayne fell asleep. However, her little eyes peeped everytime a band went by. It happened alot.
Do these look like cowboys?

Rich wants an outfit like this. Good thing Father's Day is coming up.

Baby Dayne in all her glory.


Anonymous said...

those are Mexican cowboys aka homeboys

*natalie* said...

i love a good parade. good parade=one with candy. those babies are cute!

jody said...

Those are cute par rade watchers and those cowboys need to come to Montana to see what real cowboys look like.

*ethan* said...

rich would look good in a neon green cowboy getty-up.... i sure no one would try to kick his ass if he wore that up to billings. and kept saying " when in rome"

Ryan & Brittany said...

love the shoes on baby dayne. there is nothing better than a good parade in the summer. what fun!